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Jan 2010: Land acquisition project begins

Jan 2009: Non-Profit 501 (c) (3) charter awarded


Native Gardening

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Buffalo Star People intends to establish a sustainable ecosystem on the land of our relatives. When our people were given the honor of becoming caretakers of Unci Maka (Grandmother Earth), they did so without disrupting the natural flow of things. The ecosystem around them was utmost in their minds. They relied on the plants and animals that were part of this ecosystem for their food and medicine. It kept them healthy and alive. They did not have to rely on others to feed, cloth, heal them or build their shelters. They did this on their own, by living in harmony with nature and by learning from those relatives (plants and animals) that lived around them.

Our people also knew of the relatives that lived below in the womb of Unci Maka, the worms, insects, fungi, and bacteria that help break down the soil that give the plants nutrients. They did not create havoc on Unci Maka that would destroy these relatives. These are our teachings. Our culture provides all the information we need to live in a sustainable way.

Buffalo Star People’s most urgent need is land. We need a minimum of 120 acres for the development of the sustainable ecosystem. On this land we will develop the following in a cultural and organic way, working to keep a small footprint left behind:

Sustainable Gardening Curriculum

  • Straw bale healing center and cottages
  • Greenhouses and gardens
  • Fruit and nut orchards
  • Medicine garden
  • Meditation garden
  • Medicine garden
  • Green energy
  • Rainwater collection